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8IH China is the first in China to Incorporate

Sinology & Value Investing!

As a value investor of more than 20 years, Zhou Guiyin studies and advocates the concept of Value Investing through integrating the wisdoms of Chinese history, Confucianism, Art of War, Legalism, Buddhism, Taoism and Value Investing philosophy. Through 8IH China, Zhou Guiyin created a series of programmes under Shanghai Rongdao where he simplified the concepts to empower participants to achieve sustainable wealth and happiness.

Investing is an important career and a life-time practice for everyone who wishes to obtain financial freedom in life.  The important realisation is that one should not be a slave to wealth but instead seek to understand yourself, the different investing styles and the right investing method that suits you to achieve success.

觉悟智慧 (The Wisdom of Self-Awakening) is a 3-day fundamental programme that infuses the study of Chinese history, customs, and politics into investing. By the end of the three days, you will gain in-depth understanding on the concept of investing through Chinese religion and philosophy.

Master the essentials to investing by understanding how to value companies using sophisticated valuation methodologies to make wiser investment decisions.

全息智慧 (Wisdom of Multi-Dimensional Analysis) is a 3-day intermediate programme that imparts the knowledge of classic investment strategies, cash ow and business model analysis using real-life examples and case studies. By the end of the programme, you will gain in-depth knowledge on how to filter out the noise in the market, screen out good companies, calculate the true value of a business and manage your investment portfolio.

融道智慧  (Wisdom of Rong Dao) is a 15 - 20 days advanced programme that cracks the codes towards achieving mastery in the areas of running a profitable business, investing, maintaining happy and harmonious relationships and living your purpose in life by combining the teachings of Sinology, Confucianism, Art of War, Legalism, Buddhism and Taoism in one programme.


The programme consists of five modules, each module is conducted over three to four days. By the end of the programme, you will gain the know-how to creating sustainable holistic wealth in all aspects of your life.