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VI App

Smart Investing Made Easy 

The VI App (previously WealthPark) is a smart, investing tool infused with a social networking element around a Value Investing community. Integrated with the Group's education programme offerings and services, the VI App allows users to filter and access of high-quality investible companies in seconds, construct and monitor investment portfolio across multiple investment styles while promoting investor education, knowledge exchange and cultivating thinking on a single platform.

The VI App incorporates the proprietary stock analysis methodologies of the Hidden Champions Fund and 8VIC’s learning materials to make lifetime learning and stock analysis simpler. 

Available on both mobile and desktop version.

The VI App offers:

  • a smart and quick way to analyse investments

  • a convenient way to manage your portfolio

  • fast access to investment ideas and community

The VI App is a smart integration of information, analysis tools and social learning.

The focused areas stem from the struggles plaguing the present day investor, which led to VI’s vision of making investments smarter, faster and easier.

The initial idea was to build an app to support the learning of our 8VIC’s community. But as we start collaborating with 8VIC trainers and HCF investment managers during the app development, we realised that together, we have the potential to create something bigger that enables our users to better manage investment risk and make smarter investing decisions.

These are only made possible with years of combined investing experiences, 8I’s tested and proven proprietary investment methodologies, and collaboration with our valuable partners.

As VI receives continuous feedback and support from its users and business partners, we will be able to drive more value and bring value investing to an entirely new level.

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