Priority Management and True Freedom

My dear friend and colleague, Ms. Pauline Teo put it the best; “It is never about time management but rather priority management”.

I place my physical, emotional (relationships), spiritual and financial health as top priority and will definitely allocate time and invest in it.

In order to do so, I learn to say “No” to many things in order to have “Yes” to the important things in my life. For example;

1. I left a big party early last night before 9.45 pm (which is extremely rare for me to entertain at night and even so I can stay back later to network more) so that I can still sleep before 10.30 pm to make it for 5 am core muscle stretching and conditioning with my team this morning.

2. I choose my friends carefully and whom I want to spend quality time with especially with my family and loved ones. My personal schedule is usually light (apart from business discussion and meeting in the office). I don’t PR with people with misaligned values.

3. I live simply with no financial obligations, leverage or debts to worry about. I have no worries about getting the next prized property, car, plane, boat or social status. I am totally comfortable in my own skin and be myself, doing what I truly love and believe in with a group of awesome individuals I love, admire and respect.

I guess this is what true freedom taste like.

Great morning.

Wishing you a rewarding and meaningful day ahead.

I look forward to tap dance my way to Marine Bay Sand later to learn more after having breakfast with my muses.

Ken Chee Executive Chairman 8I Holdings Limited


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