About Us

About Us

8I Holdings Limited (“8IH” or “the Group”) is an Australia-listed investment holding company engaged in the businesses of financial education, public and private market investments, and financial technology. 


Our Story

What started as a mastermind group on value investing has become a grand vision.

In 2006, 8 individuals (Ken, Clive and 6 other members) decided to come together to analyse companies in the stock market using the principles of Value Investing, a concept that was not known to many back then.

Little did they know that the very concept would soon inspire the vision of a company that is set out to change the financial education landscape.

The golden moment came in 2008, during the Subprime Crisis, which saw many people losing their hard-earned money. The financial market was depressed and a lot of investors were left with almost nothing.

However, Ken and Clive, who’d spent the last 2 years practising value investing, came out of the turbulent times unscratched.

That was the moment when Ken realised that common sense in investing was not that common and there were plenty of rooms for good educational programmes that empower people with practical financial knowledge.

He’d found out that there were various financial institutions who took advantage of the situation to fill up their own pockets instead of taking care of their investors.  

It was at that point of time, when Ken, Clive and their good friend, Sean Lim decided to start 8 Investment with one purpose; to create a platform to empower people with value investing knowledge and achieve sustainable wealth.

The group had since witnessed tremendous growth in terms of education and investment and even went ahead to be listed as public company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2014.

What started as a think tank of 8 people, now lives on as 8I Holdings, who is set out to empower people to create sustainable wealth.

As Clive would put it


“We are just ordinary people coming together to achieve

extraordinary results”




The Leadership Team

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